Why I Loved Going to College!

Rather than rely on my parents to pay for it, I worked my way through school, and did it my way.

After finishing my Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics degree at Virginia Commonwealth University in 1986, I decided to get a Master’s degree.  Back then, Artificial Intelligence was a very hot topic.  The books and articles I read about it kept saying it was a very Interdisciplinary field.

Also, at the time, I was growing tired of playing music (I played bass in a bluegrass band) and took a class in Photography.  This led to a History of American Photography class, which led to other Art History classes.  Who would’ve guessed that I would love Art History?  In later years this would lead to interests in Dance and Film Noir, but I digress….

So I talked to Nicholas Sharp, who was in charge of Interdisciplinary Studies there at VCU, and to several other faculty members in both the School of the Arts and the College of Humanities and Sciences.  And I took some more undergraduate Art classes, including a Graphic Design class using those old Apple ][ E‘s.  Then I signed up for and got accepted to a graduate program in Math, and after a few semesters switched over to the School of Interdisciplinary Studies.

As an Interdisciplinary student, I took enough Computer Science classes to earn a Masters of Science in Math, and in addition took some Graduate-Level Independent Study Art classes.  These are the classes in which I wrote the first version of the Graphical Representations of Jungian Archetypes or GROJA program, using LISP on an old 8086 PC.

The Groja program uses the results of the MBTI personality test to draw an image of an individual’s personality.  Since the original version I have put three versions online, the latest of which is at SeeOurMinds.com .  But I digress yet again….

So, that’s why I loved going to college: I was able to pick the classes I wanted to take, and do them my way!

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