Denver has been my home since 1989, and I became a home owner in 1991.


Denver is home to a lot of meetups. Members create new groups almost every day!

These groups provide valuable insight into technological trends. I have met a lot of great people at these meetups, and I enjoy going to a wide variety of them.

Denver Startup Week

Going to meetups led to learning about Denver Startup Week. It’s free and the last few years there have been record numbers of people attending.

My first Denver Startup Week was in 2014, and now I go every year. It’s my favorite event and I always take time to volunteer for a shift or two, to do my part and support the cause.


Going to Denver Startup Week in turn led to learning about the Colorado Technology Association (CTA), which is one of its sponsors.


I have enjoyed volunteering for the Denver Film Society (DFS) and have been a blood donor for a number of years.

Those long-term commitments have led to volunteering for local annual technical events, such as GDG Denver‘s Google I/O Extended events, the Denver WordCamps and Develop Denver conferences.

Going to these events every year has introduced me to a lot of great people. If you have never volunteered, you should give it a try!