Denver has been my home since 1989, and I became a home owner in 1991.


I am willing to commute to any job within the Denver-Boulder metropolitan area, including Highlands Ranch and Gunbarrel. I am willing to go as far as Castle Rock or even Colorado Springs, and Longmont or even Fort Collins, if telecommuting (after an initial on-boarding period) is an option.


Denver is home to a lot of meetups. Members create new groups almost every day!

Some of my favorites are the HTML5 Denver group, the Front Range PHP Users Group, the Denver Joomla Users Group, and the Denver Google Development Group.

I have met a lot of great people at these meetups, and go to them whenever I can. For a more complete list, with links to the groups on, see the Denver -> Meetups article.

Denver Startup Week

Going to meetups led to learning about Denver Startup Week.

My first Denver Startup Week was in 2014, and I went to only a few events. I was much better prepared for it in 2015; I went to multiple events every day and pulled two volunteer shifts.


Going to Denver Startup Week in turn led to learning about the Colorado Technology Association (CTA), which is one of its sponsors.

Recently I attended the CTA’s C-Level at Mile High event. Again I pulled two volunteer shifts, helping with setup before the event and teardown afterwards.


I have enjoyed volunteering for the Denver Film Society (DFS) and have been a blood donor for a number of years.

As an inherently rather shy person, who greatly prefers actually doing things to just talking about stuff, taking part in this sort of community involvement has worked out very well.

When learning about events like Denver Startup Week and the C-Level at Mile Hi Fund-Raiser, I jump at the chance to let volunteering help get me out of my shell. This is also working out well, and I am confident that as time goes on the connections and friendships made will pay off even more.