Due to a number of reasons, I have decided to kick the full-time habit and start looking for a mix of part-time opportunities.

Writer With a Technical Background

Technical writing requires a balanced temperament — a mentality that is equally comfortable with people and things. Having this sort of temperament is what led me to obtain an Interdisciplinary Masters Degree, in Computers and Art, rather than something more specialized.

This balanced mentality has also made me a lifelong learner, and it’s the reason I continue to pursue my own personal passion projects, Groja.com and SeeOurMinds.com.

If you have a project requiring the unique skills of an experienced technical writer, please Contact Me. I enjoy writing about technology and would like to hear about your project.

If You Could Change One Thing …?

If you could change one thing on your website, what would it be?

I have many years of experience working with technology, and run several websites out of my home. Always on the lookout for an excuse to learn new technology, lately I’ve been experimenting with device detection, python CMSes, and the Google Assistant.

If you have one thing you would like to see changed on your website, please Contact Me. If I can’t help you myself, maybe I can help you find someone who can.

Full SDLC Consultant

Between the work I’ve done for others and what I’ve learned from running several sites out of my home, I have developed the skills needed to work on all phases of a project — the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

If you have a project requiring temporary help in a specific phase of the SDLC, please Contact Me.

Your Project

If you want a small, “last mile” type change to your site, or need help with any part — no matter how small — of the Full SDLC, I want to give you that help.

If I don’t have the skills required to accomplish a given task, I feel confident that I can acquire the needed know-how, because I have been doing exactly that for years.

If you want to see more of my work — you are looking at some of it now — most of what I’ve been doing lately is visible on my github.com account. To help people make sense of all that, my github.io site describes the work I have done on these personal projects.

The Only Catch

Because technology is changing so quickly, and I love to do a lot of different things, I have decided I can no longer accept full time jobs.

So the only catch is, I am available for part-time work only.

The Future Is Ours!

The future is far more interesting than the past! Having spent a lot of time considering this shift in my livelihood — and after taking the time out to write content like this — I am very excited about meeting and helping others with their projects!

Are you one of those people I can help?

Contact Me

If you have a project I can help you with on a part time basis, Contact Me.

Thanks and have a great day!