Hi and welcome to my site!

This site is built with WordPress and uses device detection to demonstrate Adaptive Web Design (AWD), or, more specifically, Responsive Design With Server Side Components (RESS).

This Site

This site uses a plugin named idMyGadget and a theme named idmygadget_twentythirteen, both of which I created.

To see the effects of Adaptive Web Design, you have to visit these sites using different devices, specifically a phone, tablet, and desktop browser.

Other Sites

I have used this same technique to create a site using Joomla (JooMooWebSites.Com) and one using Drupal (TomHartung.Com is still a work in progress). The Other Sites page offers a few more details about these.

More Information

Searching for ‘Adaptive Web Design’ on google.com yields a variety of results, not all of which imply that ADW uses device detection. At the time of this writing, wikipedia’s page is a mere stub.

If you want more information about this topic, this article on SitePoint.Com and the articles I have written should help satisfy your curiosity.